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‘Twas the end of December in the Free Agent Sea

‘Twas the end of December
And all through the Mets team
Not an outfielder was stirring
Not even in a fan’s dream

But hope still springs strong
From every Met fan’s heart
And the free agent listings
Are a great place to start

Hairston seeks a return
And, really, why not?
If we re-sign Scott, he’ll be
The best OF that we got

You want a guy to get on base?
Bobby Abreu, let’s start the lobby
Last year Wright was the only Met
To reach base more often than Bobby

Michael Bourn would be terrific
He can play center field and is fast
But the Mets’ spending ways
Are still stuck in the past

Speaking of history
Endy Chavez can come back
A cherished place on the Mets
Their postseason hero does not lack

A .300 hitter with speed left?
Scott Podsednik is still good
But the last Mets FA from Boston
Did not go exactly as it should

Grady Sizemore is physically beat up
But he could be one of their terrific steals
Just as soon as the doctors manage
To get him back some healthy wheels

Granted there’s not much
But beggars cannot be choosers
If the Mets don’t sign an OF
They are sure to be losers



Ode to RA Dickey

Ode to RA Dickey

Occasionally in baseball history, there comes a guy (you)
Whose strength is not in how fast he can throw it by you
But instead who has the ability to make a batter buckle
By bending his finger like so at the end of the knuckle

But what elevated you to the top of this rare knuckling group
Is that you found a way to literally throw hitters for a loop
By throwing a hard knuckleball, faster than others can
And thus you became a league-leading strikeout man

And after two very successful years, you finally became the best
Leading the league in innings, strikeouts, shutouts and all the rest
You were rewarded with the National League’s Cy Young
Putting you at the very top of baseball’s knuckleballer’s rung

But you’re so much more than just the league’s best pitching five-and-dimer
Last offseason you became baseball’s only Mt. Kilimanjaro climber
And you have shown your erudition, and that you are a lifetime learner
By in your spare time managing to write a self-revealing page-turner

About how you rose to prominence despite victimization by a child abuser
And how you turned your baseball career around despite starting out a loser
You even almost lost your baseball chance, when out of left field
The lack a ligament in your arm, a team doctor had revealed

And now you stand as the league’s best player on the mound
An ace pitcher, and a great clubhouse guy, the Mets have found
But unhappily for Mets fans, you remain unsigned
While David Wright continues to be wined and dined

In an era where middle rotation pitchers can receive $10 mil
$30 mil for three years seems quite fair for the best on the hill
So your asking price is decent, and I hope the Mets do what’s right
Because seeing you in a Toronto uniform would be an ugly sight


RA Dickey

Mets Pitcher Dickey

Climbed Mount Kilimanjaro

And wrote a new book

Wright is Wrong

David Wright is hot

He’s batting five-eighty-three

But now he is hurt.

The First Place Mets

How about those Mets?

How about those FIRST PLACE Mets?

At least for a week.


So the Mets settled.

One-hundred-sixty-two mil.

That’s a lot of cash.

Mets Pitching In

Rotation looks good

Well except for Mike Pelfrey

Everybody else